My Goals for 2012

I’ve been working pretty hard on a set of goals for 2012. I think they’re important to have, if only to think about and set as a line in the sand for yourself. We all do it informally with self-expectations, but this year I wanted to make an effort to think about them and push myself each month to stay on a trajectory to meet them. Here is the start of my list:

  • Travel to speak at a WordCamp Conference (not in Seattle)¬†
  • Travel to pitch or meet with 1 or more international client/s
  • Hire at least 2 more FT employees at FreshMuse¬†
  • Create an office/home for my company, FreshMuse
  • Live/work in Italy for at least a month
  • Play more music/open mics
  • Become a “Code Poet” (WP nerds will understand)
  • Make more time for non-work related activites, friends/family, put myself out there more, go on a few dates, etc.¬†
  • Read more (+12 books)
  • Write/blog more
  • Run a marathon

What are your goals for 2012?

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