A marathon, no less. It was a really far ways to run, and I trained for a pretty long time to even be able to run it. It was fun, terrible, gut-wrenching (literally), gratifying, and probably one of the most honest activities I’ve ever done in my life. I say honest because when you’re out there among 22,000 other runners there is nothing but you and your thoughts and your fears and every single reason why it would be totally fine for you to just quit. Everyone would still be proud of you, and you could probably justify it with a perfectly logical reason about not being 100% or whatever. But fighting through real pain is pretty amazing, and amazingly honest. Running a marathon is an opportunity that I hope people get the opportunity to enjoy.

Entrepreneurial thinker, passionate about building teams, products, and services. Previously a Founder, web developer, strategist, and digital agency executive. Runner, guitarist, and hiker living in the PNW. Always with passion, and plenty of caffeine.