It couldn’t have been a better day for a race. Sunny, not too hot, and barely a cloud in the sky. The weather made for excellent running conditions, and amazing views of Seattle throughout the course.

My running partner started having shooting knee pains around the 10 mile mark (my guess is from slight swelling in the knee), so we ran the last 2-3 miles much slower than our goal pace (10m/mi), but overall we both ran a great race, and had a lot of fun.

The Seattle RocknRoll is a very “large production” race, drawing over 20,000 runners in Seattle each year. A lot of money goes into the event, and they do a great job of course support and runner¬†amenities. While entry fees are a bit high ($150+), you get what you pay for in road closures, water/first-aid support, and first class views of Seattle. If you’re considering your first big race, there’s no better one to enroll in.

Looking ahead, I’ll be running the Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon in less than 6 weeks. I’m looking forward to a great race, and will be aiming for a PR.



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