Bellingham to Seattle

I’ve been looking to relocate to Seattle for some time now… it was just a matter of finding the right place, the right price, and making it all fit together.  Thanks to my friend, colleague and new roommate Derek, it happened in one fell swoop just after the holiday.  We’re now the proud owners of […]


Thankful for…

Family, safety, warmth, security, freedom to celebrate a religious holiday, good health, opportunity and much more. Cliche but true.


Is Bham big enough for the BIG Idea Lab?

The BIG Idea Lab is Bellingham’s new tech startup incubator.  For those of you not familiar with incubators, they are businesses comprised of a group of tenured entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors, who gather together other, more inexperienced entrepreneurs, giving them resources and guidance in their journey towards creating a successful company, receiving in return a small equity stake in each […]


Play More Soccer

I had the pleasure of seeing my friend, the CEO of a successful internet startup, speak tonight about the journey he’s had as a serial entrepreneur, and his tips for young, budding business people. One example he gave stood out to me as a fundamental key to success for anyone, doing anything, regardless of industry […]


Manage trajectory, not emotions

As I progress on my journey of entrepreneurship, I’m constantly bombarded with situations that test my emotions. Whether it’s great successes or failures, the instability of a tech startup creates an unbelievable amount of stress. In the past few days, I’ve realized the key to this emotional rollercoaster is managing trajectory, not emotions. If you […]