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WordCamp Portland 2013 Plugin Repo Chat

Jake Goldman of 10up led an unconference session at WordCamp Portland today discussing the current state of the plugin repository. Presented as a follow up to the unconference session he and Shane Pearlman led 1 year ago at WordCamp Portland 2012, below are the major topics discussed in the session… Advanced search filter for searching […]

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#BeachPress Recap

A couple weeks back I had the pleasure of being an attendee of the first (and hopefully annual) BeachPress event. The concept was beautiful in it’s simplicity: Beach House + WordPress + Co-working awesome dev sauce. A group of ~16 WordPress devs (BeachPressers?) got together for 72 hours of co-working… No expectations, no schedule, no […]

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Seattle RocknRoll Marathon 2012

I ran a fu*$(*% marathon. It seems like only yesterday I was setting the crazy goal… and I did it. In under 6 months.

The marathon itself was really far, and I trained really hard to even be able to run it. It was fun, terrible, gut-wrenching (literally), gratifying, and probably one of the most honest activities I’ve ever done in my life. Fighting through real pain is pretty amazing, and forces you to be amazingly honest with yourself about the capabilities of your body and mind.

Running a marathon is an opportunity that I hope everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy.

Ok, down to the fun stuff. I didn’t run it very fast, and I feel like I made the rookie mistake of starting out to fast. Below are some fun stats and images. Enjoy!


Bellingham to Seattle

I’ve been looking to relocate to Seattle for some time now… it was just a matter of finding the right place, the right price, and making it all fit together.  Thanks to my friend, colleague and new roommate Derek, it happened in one fell swoop just after the holiday.  We’re now the proud owners of […]