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Entrepreneurial thinker, passionate about building teams, products, and services. Previously a Founder, web developer, strategist, and digital agency executive. Runner, guitarist, and hiker living in the PNW. Always with passion, and plenty of caffeine.

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#BeachPress Recap

A couple weeks back I had the pleasure of being an attendee of the first (and hopefully annual) BeachPress event. The concept was beautiful in it’s simplicity: Beach House + WordPress + Co-working awesome dev sauce. A group of ~16 WordPress devs (BeachPressers?) got together for 72 hours of co-working… No expectations, no schedule, no […]


Seattle Marathon 2012

If it’s possible to both set a personal record, and fail a run miserably, I achieved it with this run. The 2012 Seattle Marathon was my second marathon, and I beat my first marathon time by over 20 minutes, a hefty improvement. However despite shaving 20 minutes off my time, it was by far my […]


Bellingham Bay Half Marathon 2012

The Bellingham Bay Half Marathon was my 2nd half marathon, and a personal record! 1:51:51 according to my Nike+ run tracker. All around, a great run, awesome views, and a fairly flat race. Here’s all the stats: Pace & Elevation

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Seattle RocknRoll Marathon 2012

I ran a fu*$(*% marathon. It seems like only yesterday I was setting the crazy goal… and I did it. In under 6 months.

The marathon itself was really far, and I trained really hard to even be able to run it. It was fun, terrible, gut-wrenching (literally), gratifying, and probably one of the most honest activities I’ve ever done in my life. Fighting through real pain is pretty amazing, and forces you to be amazingly honest with yourself about the capabilities of your body and mind.

Running a marathon is an opportunity that I hope everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy.

Ok, down to the fun stuff. I didn’t run it very fast, and I feel like I made the rookie mistake of starting out to fast. Below are some fun stats and images. Enjoy!


I Ran

A marathon, no less. It was a really far ways to run, and I trained for a pretty long time to even be able to run it. It was fun, terrible, gut-wrenching (literally), gratifying, and probably one of the most honest activities I’ve ever done in my life. I say honest because when you’re out […]


Original Song: Orange Peel

I’ve been playing guitar a lot this year so far, one of my goals for 2012. This is an original I’ve been working on (lyrics by the fabulous Natasha Jarmick).


My Goals for 2012

I’ve been working pretty hard on a set of goals for 2012. I think they’re important to have, if only to think about and set as a line in the sand for yourself. We all do it informally with self-expectations, but this year I wanted to make an effort to think about them and push […]


Mac Miller Chooses WordPress

Another great example of WordPress in the spotlight. A big duh for most of us WordPress people, but always great to share how and why WordPress is being used out in the wild. Enjoy!